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I say the silliest things dont I
I have history here ??

Why cant things be simple as they once were loololol
Can you delete that post. I have no twitter profile anymore

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Ive not been happy. Been offline for weeks. Havent laughed.
I miss you

I dont want to be subjected to mistreatment anymore by dkhead.
Cant get into the Oven
Idk why
Going to sleep
Dreaming of Narnia still these days
Much Love ?⚘
I got this forum all to myself loolo

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I never made connections with others.
I was still connected to you all
You said i was the most stupid woman you ever met on the internet. It was not from lack of trying. I didnt hurt anyonev& you really were my only friends
Much Love Always

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It appears today that I have become invisible online.
I never harmed anyone
I dont understand
I walk alone most all the time. But now i feel absndine and no one gaf
No one will say a word
I still send Love
Im sulking in bed
Im going to die a spinster

f26498862507 No.25

How can I improve myself to grow if no one will yell me what ive done wrong.
I care for all of you.

I feel so foolish as though Im missing something everyone else sees.
Maybe my expectation of friendship should be reexamined. I love caring for othets but I have never understood online & no one will yell me anything. I dont understsnd.
Last nigjt im speaking about love & romance with someone. Then today he pretends to be female. Why wpuld a man do that?

f26498862507 No.26

My heart is broken once again but this time, this time was the energy.
This time I saw a future
Then i became invisible
You may all find it humorous but for m . This one is going to do serious damage.
I fkg Loved him to no end

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Could it be Anon Media UK
Is Anon Emy
Probability? Very high

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Hope All had A Great holiday

59914f27a509 No.22

Mine was good

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Street Activism

23991cd168ef No.3

What is this

c2b0fe880484 No.4

Plz contact mr
I found a missing piece. It's important

935bd8ad57b3 No.5

Me doing me….
With no life instructions
No Rules
And fucking up
Not the sharpest tool in the shed but can be with a little maintence

935bd8ad57b3 No.6

If there is #failure still, it is due to improper programming, lack thereof.

Triggers are known to set off a series of switches thereby overriding the system and causing an overload. The OS is still in progress therefore a manual has been sought for some time yet with no success. This OS is unique as there are many failures and yet some successes which were never considered possible. Maintaining this OS is challenging yet we are hopeful to attain the correct manual. If we can provide further details it would be our pleasure. Some OS can be high maintence but with patience, knowledge and proper user skills it's possible they can exceed expectations.

c2b0fe880484 No.8

There is a pending patent that can techie ask shots stained into the way in order to repaint. These particular leaks, seepagrs, which occurred during a storm, were the first of its kind and quite difficult at erasing. Costly mistake. Currently, we are working on this

071443e22a5a No.9

There are No words that can express the extent of which I have fallen with shame.
There are no plans to rejoin. I would dare never have that audacity. It's impossible. This wasn't just #10 hurricane, this was much bigger and all inclusive.
More than an apology is due. There was damage everywhere
How the FK did that happen? I suppose that's the crux of the issue.
I wonder does this happen to others?
Was I never really able to do this?
I suppose end result is proof, HIV3 was right all along.
There will always be this respect due, and I honor with staying away.
If I can leave on this note, plz try to forget me quickly, so others will also. If you have given grace for no record then I'm honored, if not, then it's justice.
It was enough, I was tormented and the trolls were persuasive and not by force, they knew me.
Yet that is what this is about, behavior without words, and so very persuasive.
I'm letting HIV3 off the hook too.

The profile for which I faltered, I did not understand as there was a beginning before anyone else yet I #failed. I kept my moral code in tact regarding the 3 questions, 1 yes became final and though I wanted to I would not allow it, because it would be wrong
Listen to me like I didn't do anything. Assumption got me in this Mess, if I assumed anymore I couldn't have even left the way I did. So please, I'm not a medium, I'm a receiver but it's always or was on overload.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Life just got real. I lost in court I've learned doesn't matter if one is never late on rent or has not complaints. I've learned that questioning the system serves no purpose. That there are no civil rights or privacy rights and a Corp can make tenants leave at their whom. Fighting the system, wtf was I thinking
I will be mind fkd and will be trying to do something with this. I have till Dec 31st to get out. I have no money and had 2 back operations. Yea, I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and conform. That's what I apparently lack..
If there is anything you need from me to resolve anything I've done plz let me know because I now have more Goliaths to battle and I won't be here.

948c7df8fd3b No.19[Reply]

Just fyi I had a career which included typing. These errors are not of intellect or lack of typing skills. They are due to typing too quickly while being frustrated, as well as using smaller devises with limited viewing area for edit. Just fyi.

948c7df8fd3b No.20

And while I'm at having to define myself, again, let me add this:
I was quite aware going in of consequences. I am not the enemy. In fact, contrary to popular belief, I came because I believe the skilled will be paramount in end times. I wanted to be part of THAT.
I have nothing but respect and loyalty to THE CAUSE. This is my world too and yes I have a vested interest in the future. I believe that in the war of good and evil, at that time, it will not be muscle and Braun that will give humanity a chance. There is no desire, none, to be an obsticle or waste their time for my ego. No matter what is said or thought by others I challenge them to point out "where" I displayed a need of feeding my ego. Accusations again.
RECAP:A time will come when all skilled or talented, of all levels will be called to unite. Sides will be chosen. I've already chose mine!

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htplz help me speak with him

b1c3fd8065f4 No.15

I was told to leave everything. I hadn't even read thru it yet. I take nothing that is not given freely. I never came for that. If that is the school of thought then I missed the mark.
There was never and "thing I came with intent to get. Nothing. The acting out was a slow buildup of consultant vonvert torment with no end in sight. I came undone.

74fb98aecf3a No.16

first. my advice, learn how to type. second point, why ask to make amends when you are sharing private conversations to prove an egotistical point which knowing him…. he wouldn't appreciate

f3262ccea013 No.17

First off, I apologize for my spelling yet I believe I have responded properly on here. Second, this is new for me and I am doing my best. Third, there is no identifiers on convo, so I am NOT trying to connect anyone.
Last, I do not know where else to present questions/accusations for discussion. All options have been deactivation in hopes to apologize for what transpired.
That said, is there somewhere I may appeal to said accusations.
Listen, I never wanted or planned this. Being banned etc is not some sort of achievement. The constant knawing at me by a sic individual, like some disease, got to me. I tried to let it go, I tried to advise even, and still it did not stop. I'm here for no other purpose than to make amends. I have removed myself from vicinity and have made no contact with anyone else.
If this is futile then I will not contact any further.
This is not ego, this hurt and will for some time. Closing all I had, after all these years, in gesture to make clear I am aware of collateral damage, is not some arrogant attempt at being known in some way.
Plz advise if there is a different venue for contact because I know of none.

f3262ccea013 No.18

Geezus after all these attempts at trying to reach someone, and it's perceived as ego. To state I know or do not know someone. Did anyone really understand me at all? I do not need to be bound to another for ego stroke. My life has been full, I am not fkg desperate here. I AM only making amends.
The critisizm never stops!
In review of any of my convoz I am absolutely sure there is no verbiage having this tone of which I have communicated to anyone. And if one thinks the meltdown was some sort of attention seeking, they would be incorrect 0in their assumption on all counts. I have been fkg humiliated. There was no choice than to leave. Geezus talk about ego. I lost too!

e834e7dfb76b No.14[Reply]

Just getting use to this 😂Failed & Lost, Built up & Tore down, Loved & Lost, Filled & Emptied, so much knowledge I take and to feel acceptance, can not be defined. There are always limits to everything, understandable. The deafening silence is the most painful and most impossible.
Everything s given with no intent for return. Plz try to forget a the rest.
Much love

00d9809facee No.12[Reply]

I'm hoping to get stared …
I know there is a layer removed from us and we have learned a little more. Probably already tmi about me 🙄but we are all still here which means "something"?

Well, Big Guy it does to me.. .

9f4063ed1f86 No.10[Reply]

My carbon footprints can hardly been seen. I'm hiding out in YT

I'm hoping I can made amends
And hoping to engage regarding some offenses If the brother is ready. I'll return with a link.
If there is anything, at all, that I can assist with, plz advise on that too

File: 1545219745629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 426.67 KB, 1468x970, IMG_20181219_003103.jpg)

dd729639bb9a No.2[Reply]

The world without Art is just "Eh"

0f4f60670943 No.7

Responding to an article found

Are the walls needing to be cleared in order for new graffiti? The paint dealer stated its a good idea to check in so as to determine possibility of work or end thereof. BK is appearing possible and would rather drop docs off quickly rather than painfully wait for results. Responsibility

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