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911c842b91ee No.49[Reply]

5700 Demaray Dr, Grants Pass, OR 97527


335 NE Beacon Dr Grants Pass OR 97526

Gender: Male ←– Maybe

Birthdate: 05/17/1964 ←- Too old

Block: 300 SW H St

City: Grants Pass, Oregon 97526

Height: 5'07" ←- too short to be that tough
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File: 1576050577464.png (1.82 MB, 2100x1500, thehive-chadsmock.png)

ddca981c756e No.46[Reply]

Fuck you Hive for ruining even more partnerships. This is not from the unknowns… We have a lot more data on you than anyone else. This is in response to your stupid new video the threat of knowing…


e0711deb48c5 No.47

837b5b525319 No.45[Reply]

Why do I not understand a freaking thing sometimes about Anonymous et al ?

File: 1542418571349-0.png (804.08 KB, 500x889, 1539053604773.png)

File: 1542418571349-1.png (212.67 KB, 350x444, 1538672173321-1.png)

File: 1542418571349-2.png (479.21 KB, 500x793, 1538672173321-2.png)

560e62478a1e No.9[Reply]

"The Dragons Den"

caa8c171e18d No.11

1 900 EAT ME

68fd77c6f880 No.13

no tnx lol

666ed8944aca No.30



Danielle Hutton


Spokane (Washington)


+1208-301-0252 (Whatsup number)

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6bb29b3171dc No.39

This woman is a Fraud and as Evil as one comes. A Coconspirator in corruption she makes a mockery of hunting for Pedos as that seems to be a diversion for something else.

3008ea94b2dc No.42

File: 1557606048505.png (260.16 KB, 568x892, Screenshot_2019-05-12_04-0….png)

b9c44a6f22f4 No.43


b9c44a6f22f4 No.44

File: 1560984792187.png (376.56 KB, 600x778, meme.png)

fb938cc5c8dc No.41[Reply]

George Lanzas has been identified as a epic troll. Creates many alt accounts, since he can't abuse women or he goes back to jail. Go to San Bernardino Country Criminal and Civil search. Look his name up, it's all there, so far Alt accounts on Youtube that have been identified:
Sovereign Humanoid 33
Dank Williams
John Wick of Youtube
LARP Hunting
Just a Libtard Yuman
The #ArmpitofYoutube

He is one sick and twisted individual who loves to abuse others online. Enjoy Unknown's

206658481e13 No.40[Reply]

George Lanzas has been identified as a epic troll. Creates many alt accounts, since he can't abuse women or he goes back to jail. Go to San Bernardino Country Criminal and Civil search. Look his name up, it's all there, so far Alt accounts on Youtube that have been identified:
Sovereign Humanoid 33
Dank Williams
John Wick of Youtube
LARP Hunting
Just a Libtard Yuman
The #ArmpitofYoutube

He is connected to Neo aka Tommy Carroll in Baton Rouge a real Qanon fuckwad aka Neo Q Uncensored on Youtube to Jonny "Revel" Forbes. We believe Spoof Movement and Betty Washam are also part of this criminal group.

This group is also connected to Sk00by Doom's Youtube channel - pay attention to the livestreams and who is the mods (Sk00by is either a pedo or pedo protector) in Scotland/UK. Look into who they follow and who follows them. Then it gets good…

Sk00by Doom has moderators such as Lestat of CIcada, which connects to Thomas Schoenberger that runs Cicada which then connects to Manuel Chavez aka Defango.

All these players have been identified. First is George. Then have at it with the others. Enjoy Unknowns.

cd9e65e1c073 No.38[Reply]

Please Brothers,
I saw only a few seconds and I'm in tears. I can't look at it.
Whomever is doing this, will you please please find and give Justice. Im not going to be able to sleep.
Here I'll leave it. It's so awful
Check out @Junerandolph18’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Junerandolph18/status/1095044736862146560?s=09
It's being reported but whoever did this brothers is evil
Please get him

File: 1548089201499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.88 KB, 385x314, facciadaculo.jpg)

c1410849b877 No.36[Reply]


4041bc2f3521 No.37

Nice Chubby cheeks there

File: 1548088762756.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.59 KB, 480x360, Brain.jpg)

c4fb15d5a9bb No.35[Reply]

File: 1548088594027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.84 KB, 640x427, cacca.jpg)

0632162ce071 No.34[Reply]


8de483c9933f No.33[Reply]


File: 1548088219917.jpg (Spoiler Image, 269.29 KB, 1920x1080, joker.jpg)

a0854e097bd2 No.32[Reply]


File: 1548087890807.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.15 KB, 768x1024, B8oP_07IUAEkaKW.jpg)

307030f1736b No.31[Reply]


File: 1545824800568.jpg (658.36 KB, 1242x928, 1543366246655.jpg)

842ec98f55a6 No.21[Reply]

NOTHING 100% Verified except for names.
as always D.Y.O.R.

Desmond Napoles 11 years old.
https://www.gofundme.com/DesmondAmazing Raised $2,575

Father: Andrew Napoles 52 years old
510 80th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Mother: Wendy Napoles (wendylou) 42 years old
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11d8d8fcec2f No.22

a6804c841bbe No.23

Anyone in a temporary guardianship of Window of Innocence should reflect honorable choices until their responsibility is relinquished
#love to those who stand for the vulnerable

079f27dfe260 No.24

File: 1546341154021.png (Spoiler Image, 786.18 KB, 1061x648, boyart July.png)

More shit that surrounds this poor MKultra'd #dragkid.

079f27dfe260 No.25

File: 1546341302941.png (Spoiler Image, 893.11 KB, 990x737, boyart follower.png)

(see image)

Fire and fury for those that exploit their innocence.

5c2e5fa2c31c No.27

I've recently realized these parents took this child, who is a boy (OMFG) and is dressing him as a girl, for the pedophile agenda (?) are you fkg kidding?
What vile human beings these parents are!
That child is being traumatized!
He's in a fkg nightmare!

541ec06b2424 No.28

File: 1547272219781.png (211.71 KB, 358x331, make me rich.png)

Going theory now is that Wendylou pushed desi so hard to become a drag kid so she could enter into the lifestyle she wanted to be part of growing up (Namely the NYC Vogue scene during the 70's and 80's (see doco Paris is Burning) and the NYC Club Kid scene during the late 80's and early 90's (see Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin & Seth Green). This would explain her fawning and social media/ real life connections to Kevin Omni Burrus (creator and leader of House of Ultra Omni Vogue dancing drag group) and Michael Alig (Party Promoter, Murderer, drug addict & Creator of the Club Kids)

WendyLou Napoles

Mother: Wendy Napoles (wendylou) 42 years old
Wendy’s last job was as an office manager for a Brooklyn Construction firm
California and New York
Office Manager at Scenic Corp of New York
B.S., Business Administration from University of Phoenix
[email protected]
+1 949-837-4741
917-749-0092 (confirmed https://www.usphonebook.com/917-749-0092 ) https://www.fastpeoplesearch.com/917-749-0092
dollfaceddame , wendynapoles
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2ad1bbae18a3 No.29

These are NOT parents , they are pumps and they do NOT deserve to have the child
The boy art!?! Who tf does that man think he appeals to? H he's a fkg freak and there is no sexual attraction unless one is some sort of deviant because he is absolutely not a man.

File: 1546341457481.png (934.07 KB, 1095x584, R Chandler - Desmond is Am….png)

c9ee479ece34 No.26[Reply]

610c4c0c2a74 No.20[Reply]

Derek Jaekle

Commander Xavior aka @AnonCyberGhost aka @Xavior_FBA aka @ni443rfed



Xavior (aka AnonCyberGhost aka Commander Xavior aka IsraelsACG, whose real name is Derek Jaekle is a real character! We’re doxing him for harassing and cyber bullying pedophile hunters on Twitter. He’s a nasty little man who preys on women online and often lies about his technical skillz. Derek likes to pretend that he works in Cybersecurity and that he has the skillz of a 1337 hacker (News Flash: he can’t do jack squat). His only skill is to brag about his non existent skillz and to create as much drama and division as he can. The truth is that this drama queen can’t program anything and that he’s never hacked anything in his life. The only thing he can “hack” is his own email account.

Poor Derek got spooked and deactivated his two Twitter accounts: @ni443rfed and @xavior_FBA within minutes after his dox was posted last night, as shown here: https://archive.fo/TQtc4 and https://archive.fo/US8dL



He probably realized that deactivating confirmed his dox so he returned to Twitter about 8 hours later under the username @xavior_FBA, but went private and added "VmwareSpecialist" in his profile to try to create diversion LOL. @ni443r

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File: 1542716916236.jpg (29.02 KB, 400x400, oSHPy4nQ_400x400.jpg)

dea54015fc27 No.18[Reply]

Roberto Raimondo Dox ( Roy)

Reason - Roberto is a disgrace to Anon, as he likes to Cyber,Stalking,Bully, Threaten, and Hack other Anons.
Inklude many Lies about them
Long term Anons who've admitted to
having to block him due to Harassment.
He is a "BlackHat"hacker which means he doesn't hack for ethical reasons but for Malicious reasons, and even was runs a group teaching others Malicious hacking techniques.
He like it to report Anonymous Aktivist and Anon YouTube Channel
Also he call other to Report

In #OpFakeAnon his Group was closed

Read about this Anonymous Serbia :

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dea54015fc27 No.19

File: 1542719267438.jpg (39.1 KB, 576x1024, DsS1VH8XoAA9ewE.jpg)

File: 1542715656896.png (115.54 KB, 316x189, 1538502073166.png)

28d1ecf67263 No.16[Reply]

Twitter User: @AnonymousInfo3 d0x
Full Name: Sabine Wurm
a/k/a Sabine Winner
a/k/a Sabine Wildflame
a/k/a Mysteria Wildfire

Partial Address:
Kiel, Deutschland 2414X

Picture: http://imgur.com/iC2KO7k
German Dox & Translation: http://pastebin.com/RwUpLhW3

Sabine Wurm can barely speak English or German, yet she consistently attacks people she refers to "Frogs." She is an alcoholic deadbeat who spends most of her time on Facebook playing around proclaiming that she is the head of Anonymous. She has severe paranoid delusions and believes that anyone who is against her or her friends is apart of the New World Order (NWO). She also believes that tattoos and body piercing are sin and is highly religious. If you disrespect Jesus Christ, she'll say you're the antichrist.

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File: 1542715517081.jpg (83.16 KB, 710x1200, Dr5jgowUcAAeuiu.jpg)

c26992cb4c4d No.15[Reply]

Christian Lambert known as @nwh_fearless aka dickless
Picture of gutless
Reason for dox:
Christian broke up with a single mother, who happened to be a pedo hunter. The lady discovered Christian was cheating on her, when confronted Christian denied and was broken up with, the woman confronted the other woman as naturally expected since Christian kept contacting the single mom and rubbed her face in the relationship. Threatening the single mom each time with exposing her nude pics that were shared with him in confidence(see dickless threatening a woman, who caught him cheating https://imgur.com/a/iNB9QVT . [you may not like Aisha or the dragons den, however, no woman should ever be treated like this) Charles Edward lambert) who’s phone numbers and email are below should be asked why his son treats women like this)
Twitter accounts:
@NwH_FearLess Main
@prophecy__sec Suspended

Phone numbers:
(In his father Charles Lambert's name)
(251) 391-3803
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6cd22f119c74 No.8[Reply]

Go fuck yourself Hive. You've betrayed everyone who stood by your side all these years.

This is not a dox from Unknown, this is a dox from all the people who used to be your friends and you stabbed in the back.

Anon Hive =

Chad Erik Smock

215 Rusty Road

Warner Robins, Georgia 31088

Date of Birth: 02/28/1976

Phone #: 478-978-4173






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64a9c219a060 No.10

File: 1542425617827-0.png (Spoiler Image, 93.76 KB, 376x388, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1542425617827-1.png (Spoiler Image, 134.87 KB, 233x413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1542425617827-2.png (Spoiler Image, 321.42 KB, 516x413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1542425617827-3.png (Spoiler Image, 40.51 KB, 150x150, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1542425617827-4.png (Spoiler Image, 66.39 KB, 426x412, ClipboardImage.png)

11839ea71ecb No.12


ff1a10c4c3b2 No.6[Reply]

GB the deluded communist faggot.







944ce5bc4304 No.5[Reply]

Lukasz Rudkowski (Work In Progress)

Lukasz Rudkowsi Date of Birth: Jul 7, 1986 (Age: 32)
Address: 2046 85th Street, BROOKLYN NY 11214

We Are Change Inc: DOS ID #3825451 (New York State), registered 23 June 2009
CEO: Lukasz Rudkowski
Business Address: “2046 85th Street, BROOKLYN, New York, 11214”

WRC Productions Inc: DOS ID #5274696 (New York State)
Business Postal Address: PO Box 140492, BROOKLYN, New York, 11214

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ce1d2d02e832 No.3[Reply]

ShillmanYAnews/Anon2World aka Michael Womack


Aaron Kesel aka AK(illuminati) aka Justin Mclaughlin


Mazanga aka Henning Rosåsen


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

ce1d2d02e832 No.4

cb099c4f8868 No.2[Reply]

The Faces You All Have Seen Before



Aaron Kesel

The Face of


A D0xed Not So Anonymous Anon.

Should Have Known We'd Get Ya!
Your shillary is litteraly making us Ill'arry!


REAL NAME: Justin R Mclaughlin

26 years old

Birth Year 1992

From Wenonah, New Jersey

336 Lycoming Avenue, Wenonah, New Jersey






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2a9bb8e66533 No.1[Reply]

You are the author of this note
Edit link:
Short link:
Secret link:


Welcome to the dox of Michael B Womack aka @Anon2earth and @YourAnonNews.

First things first, @YourAnonNews is run by @Anon2earth. This isn't a secret, but just to make sure, here is the evidence:

412fbee2122fe2f41234210acb54164b.pngSource: https://medium.com/your-anon-central/anonymous-does-not-support-minds-minds-com-3248a3d46ba7

More evidence:


Sources: https://twitter.com/youranonnews & https://twitter.com/Anon2earth

Now, apart from his gay ass #OpQ feeding the Hegelian Dialectics like shills always do....

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